Owners Manual

We have created a manual to help you get familiar with your new device and troubleshoot and issues you may run into.


Software Update

View all the available updates for the DayWatcher degree day meters. As always, continue to check our website for more information and future updates. Please let us take this opportunity to thank you for your business. You own the most accurate degree day meter in the industry, and we are committed to providing quality service and support.

Older Unit Information

Unfortunately, as technology changes so does the ability to service older models. ZZW, F-90, F-90H, D-10 meters are no longer serviceable. Learn more about new systems by visiting our Product page, or contact us for details.

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  • +I need help that isn’t addressed here

    Email with exact description of issue and full contact information and we will respond within 24 hours.

  • +My Outside Temperature reads EEE

    EEE means there was a loss of signal between the outside unit (OU) and the inside unit (IU). Occasionally the signal will drop and this is normal. However, EEE for more than 15 min per occurrence and more than 3 times a day is abnormal.

    Loss of signal can happen for a number of reasons but usually its power or reception related.

    • Replace the batteries. Bring the OU inside and replace the batteries with known good ones. Lithium batteries perform even in the most extreme temperatures, making lithium batteries perfect for extremely cold or hot conditions where alkaline batteries typically cease to function. Use Lithium batteries (2 AA x 1.5v) at temperatures down to -40°. After replacing the batteries, ensure the LED is blinking once every minute and the outside temperature is reading a sensible number.
    • Inspect OU circuitry and wiring. Broken wires or corroded battery compartments will result in power loss.
      Ensure the OU is within 75 feet of the IU.
    • Metal siding will reflect the signal and can cause loss of signal. Try placing the OU near a window so the signal can enter the building easier.
    • Point the OU bull’s-eyes toward the IU to ensure the greatest alignment.
  • +My temperatures reads in the mid 80’s (or 800’s) when it’s cold outside and/or the decimal point is missing.

    This means the main logic board has malfunctioned and the IU needs servicing. Please send the IU in for service and the unit will be repaired with 1 week.